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Benetech GM1020 Digital Lux Meter GM1020 Digital Illuminance Light Meter

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    Benetech GM1020 Digital Lux Meter Support for automatic storage of illuminance data. GM1020 Digital Illuminance Light Meter Wide measuring range (0 to 200,000 lux) and support of automatic range shift. Benetech GM1020 Digital Lux Meter Delivered with PC-based analysis software.

    Benetech GM1020 Digital Lux Meter GM1020 Digital Illuminance Light Meter

    GM1020 digital lux meter 4 drivers Photometer 0.00~200000 Lux with backlight LCD

    Application: widely used in electro-optical sources, research teaching, metallurgy building, ndustry inspection as well as agriculture researching and illumination control.

    Benetech GM1020 Digital Lux Meter features:

    Illuminance and temperature, maximum, minimum and difference;
    Integrating illuminance and time, and average integrating illuminance;
    Measuring range: 0~200000Lux, accuracy: +-3%rdg (below 10000Lux), +-4%rdg(above 10000Lux);
    Autosave 1900 groups of data, manual storage 60 groups of data.
    Power supply: Two AAA batteries (Not Included)

    GM1020 Digital Illuminance Light Meter Specifications:

    Measurable Objects:
    Illuminance and temperature ,Illuminance difference, maximum and minimum. (Illuminance and temperature,imtegrating illuminance and integrating time, and average integrating Illuminance )

    The high contrast dual line LCD can show the current Lux and Temperature ambient surroundings simultaneously. Min Max memory display. Hold Function Includes 2 x AAA 1,5V batteries

    GM1020 Digital Illuminance Light Meter Functions: 

    1. Powerful measurement functions: It can measure not only current values, maximum and minimum of illuminance and temperature, but also illuminance difference, integrating illuminance and average integrating illuminance.
    2. Support automatic storage of illuminance data (up to 1900 groups) and manual storage of illuminance data (up to 60 groups)
    3. Wide measuring range (0 to 200000 lux) and support automatic range shift
    4. Delivered with computer-based analysis software, allowing users to operate the meter with ease
    5. Quick response, high portability and operable by a single hand.
    6. The sensor can be rotated.
    7. Backlight to facilitate operation in dark spaces

    Benetech GM1020 Digital Lux Meter Detail:

    This Compact High Quality Robust Digital Lux Meter (Logger) ME-GM1020 is used in Electro Optical sources, Research, Teaching, Agriculture and  Industry Inspection etc. This ergonomic device has a number of powerful on board functions, including Minimum and Maximum for Illuminance, Temperature, Illuminence Difference, Integrating Illuminance and Average Integrating Illuminance. Automatic Storage of Illuminance data (up to 1900 groups) as well as manual storage of Illuminance data (up to 60 groups) Wide measuring range of 0 - 200 000 lux, with automatic range shift. Includes Computer based analysis software and USB download cable, allowing the user to operate the unit with ease. The unit is CE certified, so that you may be assured that you are getting a great quality product. This device comes in a hard Plastic Carry Case.

    GM1020 Digital Illuminance Light Meter Specifications:

    1. Photoelectric element: silicone diode
    2. Thermal probe: NTC thermistor
    3. Illuminance Measuring Range: Total measuring range: 0-200000 Lux
    - x1: 0-199.9 Lux
    - x10: 200-199.9 Lux
    - x100: 2000-1999.9 Lux
    - x1000: 20000-200000 Lux
    4. Temperature measuring range: 0-40 Celsius Degree
    5. Illuminance accuracy: +-3%rdg (below 10000 Lux); +-4%rdg (above 10000 Lux)
    6. Temperature accuracy: +-1.0Celsius Degree
    7. Units of illuminance and temperature: Four combinations of units are available
    - Lux / Celsius Degree
    - Lux / Fahrenheit Degree
    - FC / Celsius Degree
    - FC / Fahrenheit Degree
    8. Illuminance data storage
    - Automatic: Up to 1900 groups of data can be stored. LuxLAB is used to set the storage cycle and whether to start or stop storage.
    - Manual: Up to 60 groups of data can be stored. Whether to store is determined manually.
    9. LCD display update frequency: Twice per second
    10. Operating Temperature / humidity: 0-40 Celsius Degree, 10-90%RH
    11. Storage Temperature / humidity: -20-50 Celsius Degree, 10-90%RH
    12. Power Supply: two AAA batteries (not included)
    13. Battery Life: 10 hours (continuous operation with a USB connection)
    14. Auto shutdown: you can set anto shutdown timer through LuxLAB.

    Benetech GM1020 Digital Lux Meter Package List:

    1 * Digital lux / Light Meter]
    1 * Benetech GM1020 Digital Lux Meter Software CD
    1 * USB connector
    1 * Benetech GM1020 Digital Lux Meter English User Manual
    1 * blister packing


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