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LCD Display Pixel Repair Display Pixel Repair

When meet dead / fading / disappearing pixels on the dashboard instrument cluster / speedometer, LCD Display Pixel Repair is for you. LCD display pixel repair ribbon cable KIT for dead pixel repairs - for instrument cluster MID, OBC, SID.

LCD Instrument Cluster Repair Kit from can replacement dead, fading, disappearing pixels on the dashboard instrument cluster. Instrument Cluster Pixel Repairs Kit Can work together with Electric Soldering Iron. LCD Display Pixel Repair Hot selling such as: Audi TT LCD Cluster Display, BMW E38 AC control unit, Mercedes Vito Instrument Cluster, NISSAN QUEST Instrument Cluster, SAAB SID2 Ribbon Cable, Electric Soldering Iron, Mercedes Benz W210 W202 W208 Pixel Repair Kit, Transformer VOGT for Renault, OPEL ASTRA MID Pixel Repair, VW Fox LCD Display Pixel etc.

Audi TT LCD Cluster Display  BMW E38 AC control unit Mercedes Vito Instrument Cluster NISSAN QUEST Instrument Cluster SAAB SID2 Ribbon Cable Electric Soldering Iron Mercedes Benz W210 W202 W208 Pixel Repair Kit Transformer VOGT for Renault  OPEL ASTRA MID Pixel Repair VW Fox LCD Display Pixel

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